Imm Living Totem Cups Coffee Mugs

A totem is an object; usually an animal, which serves as the emblem for a family or clan that embodies a sacred relationship between nature and humanity. Totem poles are monumental sculptures of the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest Coast. The Imm Living Totem Cups designed by Rob Southcott are a modern interpretation of this early Native American tradition. Perfect for coffee or tea, these timeless mugs from Imm Living are sure to put a smile on your face every time you use them. While this ‘monumentally’ charming set of four mugs can be stacked to form a modern totem pole, your guests will be most impressed when they notice the distinctly detailed creatures adorning each cup. The Imm Living Totem Cups are a tastefully tall symbol of your interest in history, culture, and a stylish modern home.

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Also available as a matching set of bowls! The Imm Living Totem Bowls