Greenbo Designer Railing Planter

Greenbo Designer Railing Planter

The Greenbo Designer Railing Planter has a strikingly beautiful modern design that is obviously lacking from most, if not all garden products.  The Designer Railing Planter and will fit perfectly onto any balcony or deck railing up to 4 inches wide regardless of the shape (square, round, curved or straight) securely without any annoying screws or brackets. It even has two built in water drainage trays so that if you use it on a balcony, your water won’t drip down onto your neighbors balcony, and because of the removable drainage trays you can also use it indoors. The Greenbo Urban Railing Planter is divided into two separate sides that makes it easy to grow different plants that have differing soil or watering needs. Unlike many other planters, The Designer Railing Planter is made from durable polypropylene and will last outside for many years without getting brittle or fading.

Thanks to the Greenbo Designer Railing Planter you no longer have to use your plants to hide your ugly generic planter; and it saves your valuable balcony floor space at the same time! This is easily the best planter design we’ve ever come across.

The Greenbo Designer Railing Planter comes in 6 different colors and you can get your own via the links below:

Apple Green

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