My Favorite Modern Floor Lamps Under $800

I’ve been looking for a new modern floor lamp for my loft, and have found quite a few amazing options in my search, so I figured I’d share some with you. These are some of my favorites. Oh, and until December 10, 2012, these are all on sale at the lowest prices I’ve ever seen!

Toobe Floor Lamp by Kartell - Modern Floor Lamp

The Kartell Toobe Floor Lamp
Toobe was designed by Ferruccio Laviani from the idea that the use of an acrylic extruded tube could, according to length, become either a floor or table lamp. Thanks to innovative coloring technology, Toobe is the first Kartell product to be faded to permit a special light to be diffused within the cylinder. Toobe is simple and modern and the handle in the lamp body makes the pole shape functional and easy to move.

Cord Lamp by Design House Stockholm - Modern Floor Lamp

The Design House Stockholm Cord Lamp
The Design House Stockholm Cord Lamp avoids the unsightly mess of the floor lamp cord by incorporating it creatively into the lamp’s design. The textile cord transforms itself into a steel tube and holds aloft an oversized globe bulb, complete with dimmer.

Manana Lamp by Design House Stockholm - Modern Floor Lamp

The Design House Stockholm Manana Lamp
This floor lamp is SO unique because it actually leans up against the wall! Designer Marie-Louise Gustafsson says the idea for the Manana Lamp came “like a flash”. After working too hard before an exposition, Gustafsson decided to sketch her own body in different shapes as a relaxation technique and landed on this quirky, comic-book type character of a lamp that casually leans against the wall.

Elise Floor Lamp by Pablo - Modern Floor Lamp

The Elise Floor Lamp by Pablo Pardo
The Elise Floor Lamp was designed by Pablo Pardo. This lamp should probably cost a lot more than it does, but luckily for us, it doesn’t.  Pablo, the company, was founded in 1993 by Venezuelan born Pablo Pardo, designs and manufactures innovative lighting and home accessories characterized by uncompromising devotion to simplicity and utility.

Perimeter Floor Lamp by Blu Dot - Modern Floor Lamp

The Perimeter Floor Lamp by Blu Dot
I love jellyfish, and this lamp reminds me of one, so it easily made my list of favorite modern floor lamps! The Blu Dot Perimeter Floor Lamp is made of a powder-coated steel frame that holds an over-sized grey cloth shade. Available in bright blue, highlight yellow or white.

Mercur Floor Lamp by Eglo - Modern Floor Lamp

Mercur Floor Lamp by Eglo
This lamp has always reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s world-famous Guggenheim Museum.  Wide aluminum rings round an inner glass diffuser. The tri-pod base is thin and understated, presenting the Mercur’s shade as the stately, space-like wonder it is.

Lighthouse Floor Lamp by Innermost - Modern Floor Lamp

Lighthouse Floor Lamp by Innermost
I actually own this lamp and LOVE it.  I have it in my Miami condominium and it is the most talked-about item by anyone that comes to visit.  The romance and comforting light of traditional lighthouses inspire the undeniably modern design of the Innermost Lighthouse Floor Lamp. Atop the sturdy chrome steel tripod base, the large drum shade (a singular structure actually composed of a number of refractive Clear Optical Polycarbonate lenses) casts stunning, sparkling light in all directions. Amazing.

Zebra Floor Lamp by Viso - Modern Floor Lamp

Zebra Floor Lamp by Viso
The Zebra lamp reminds me of the Mercur lamp above, but with much more drama from it’s silver metallic stripes. The Zebra Floor Lamp was designed by Felipe Lisboa.

If none of these modern floor lamps are exactly what you’re looking for, contact me for some more ideas, I have plenty!