Modern Christmas Tree Alternatives

Over the years (actually, since I was about 16 years old) I’ve become less and less inclined to do anything related to Christmas, and fortunately for me, most of my friends agree with me that it’s a completely pointless holiday filled with tacky traditions, disturbing fashion, oddly timed meals, and of course, the worst display of consumerism on Earth.

One of the biggest issues I have with Christmas however isn’t on the above list, it’s that I absolutely abhor that Americans feel the need to cut down tens of millions of perfectly harmless living trees, drag them to their homes, and pretend that they grew out of their living room floor for a month. I’ve never once in my life done this, and I never will. It’s disgusting, and it drives me crazy. Because of this, I’ve always had my eyes open for alternatives that are modern and reusable.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a total Scrooge; one of my former girlfriends had a deep love of Christmas, and after a couple of years together I surprised her with the most lifelike fake Christmas tree I could find; I spent hours lighting it and getting it set up while she slept in the next room, and she woke up a very happy girl…but when we broke up, that tree was the first thing I put in her pile of stuff to take with her.

I know that there are millions of you that have the same love of modernism & minimalism that I have, and you probably also have reasons to celebrate Christmas, so inevitably, you must have wondered if there were modern alternatives to Christmas trees…and so did I, so here’s what I’ve found over the years; hopefully you can find one that suits your style, and you’ll stop killing defenseless trees and use one of these modern Christmas tree options instead. If you have other ones that you love, let me know about them in the comments.

My personal favorite is the Superstar Holiday Tree by Modernica.  In the 10 years I’ve been looking, this one has never been outdone by any other. If I was ever gong to buy a Christmas tree, this would be it.

Modern Christmas Tree - Superstar Holiday Tree

You could make your own modern Christmas tree out of cardboard, like these below designed by Giles Miller.

Modern Christmas Tree - Giles Miller

You could make a projection Christmas tree by using a high-quality portable projector and your own stylized Christmas tree design.

Modern Christmas Tree Decal

If you can’t afford the projector above, you could get a modern Christmas tree decal from Montreal designer Subhuti, in any colors you can imagine, perfectly matched to your decor…

Modern Christmas Tree Decals

Modern Christmas Tree Decals

The below Christmas tree was designed by Manuela Michalski, and is one of my all-time favorites.  You fill it with presents!

Modern Christmas Tree - Manuela Michalski

You could go with a modern silver rendition of a traditional Christmas tree, like the popular style of the 1960’s:

Modern Christmas Tree

You could go with this solid red tree, if you have other red design objects in your home:

Modern Christmas Tree

Below is my good friend Shannons holiday tree, inspired by CB2.  I had to feature this one because it’s cute, creative, and affordable!

Christmas Tree Made of Lights

And if you MUST go with a traditional fake Christmas Tree, I highly recommend this one…at least it’s beautiful for what it is, it’s by far the best looking one I’ve ever found!

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