The Best Modern Space Heaters

It’s numbingly cold here in Vermont right now so I figured I’d check out some fun & modern options for space heaters.

I think it’s a pretty common misconception that space heaters cost more to use than the central heat in your home; and that means that most people don’t use them that should probably be using them.

Space heaters are more economical so long as you’re only running them in the rooms that you’re occupying. Heating your whole house is more expensive than heating just part of it.  If you’re not using your whole house all at once, then why would you pay by the second to heat the whole thing?  Instead, use modern space heaters or modern heating panels in the rooms that you are actively using.

I did some searching for modern space heaters, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the available options!

Crane Convection Space Heater:
Featuring an ultra slim design, the Crane Convection Space Heater is the ideal addition to any room where you need extra warmth. With two different heat settings, the space heater provides a money-saving alternative to heating your entire house. The Crane Convection Space Heater features an optional built-in fan for quick and efficient heat circulation, a thermostat to automatically regulate temperature, and a timer that lets you program the heater to turn on and off at your convenience.

Crane Convection Space Heater

Dyson AM04 Fan Heater:
Many conventional heaters can’t heat a whole room evenly because they use spinning blades powered by inefficient motors to distribute the air. Air Multiplier technology amplifies surrounding air for long-range heat projection. The Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater heats the whole room faster than most other heaters.

Dyson AM04 Fan Heater

Stadler Form Anna Ceramic Heater:
The modern Anna ceramic heater is equipped with a modern PTC ceramic heating element. Anna heats discreetly and quietly with two power levels, bringing agreeable warmth. But the clever heater also stands for safety in two respects: no overheating thanks to the PTC heating element (self-regulating ceramic) and automatic shut-off thanks to integrated tilt protection. This heater is very highly rated by consumers, and looks stunning!

Stadler Form Anna Ceramic Heater

Stadler Form Max Heater:
The modern Max space heater is a reliable dual-purpose fan heater capable of being just a fan during the summer and a heater during the winter. It definitely adds a splash of color and flare with his award-winning contemporary design. It looks fantastic, but has mixed reviews from consumers.

Stadler Form Max Heater

Crane EE-6490 Space Heater:
This Crane Ceramic PTC Heater features an ultra slim design with a sleek brushed Aluminum housing to give this unit an up-scale look. The extra small dimensions make this heater very portable and perfect for smaller rooms and spaces. The heater features 2 heat settings with 600 Watt / 1200 Watt and includes an overheat protection.

Crane EE-6490 Space Heater

Dimplex Cube Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater:
How cute is this little guy?! The Dimplex Cube Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater is an eye-catching electric stove that will liven up any room. The clean lines and rounded edges complement the pedestal base, which features a stylish chrome finish. The ability to showcase the flame with or without heat, means you can enjoy your stove year round. The Dimplex Cube is by far the highest rated heater of all of the ones I researched.

Dimplex Cube Electric Stove